What Are The Special Types Of Customers In A Bank?


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  • Minors
Minors are considered one type of special customer in a bank. A person who is not 18 years of age is considered a minor and therefore is a special type of banking customer.
A minor has to have a parent or guardian to help them open a bank account. A minor can borrow money, but most often needs a co-signer such as a guardian or parent. A minor in most banks cannot be appointed as a trustee of any account.

  • Loans
A loan customer is one that needs a loan rather than to open a bank account or get help with their bank account.
Many banks offer loans and other types of special products. This makes the customers who need these products special customers. They need to see a banker in order to get a loan processed or open a special type of account.

  • 'Difficult' Customers
Another type is based on personality, wherein a customer can become unsettled with the littlest of financial setbacks.
For example, this type of person may be upset to find additional fees on their account or an error the bank made. They may overreact and take a bit of personal care to calm them down.

Some special customers tend to visit the bank frequently, even finding an excuse to do so. Most individuals tend to avoid banks; however, this personality type enjoys spending time in the bank perhaps because of the level of customer service. You may actually see these customers three or five times a week.
Banks actually list inebriated individuals as a special type of customer. This person is not of sound mind according to the banking laws and therefore cannot sign any documents opening a bank account. They can operate their account via ATM, but at the teller they may be turned away if they try to remove a lot of cash.
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(I) Individuals: Salaried persons, Housewives, Students, Businessmen, Pensioners, Daily wage labourers etc.
(ii) Firms and organizations : Proprietorship firms, Partnership firms, Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Public Limited Companies, Charitable trusts, Clubs, Associations, Sports bodies, Other banks etc.
(iii) Government: Union government, State governments, Govt. Departments who have received funds for specific programmes.
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Following are the types of customers in an Indian Bank:
Regular account holders
Pay account holders
Customers for financing schemes like house and car leasing
Business account holders

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