How Does The Communication Process Model Work For Advertising?


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Advertising is the most public form of communication and is an essential element in any communication model.

Communications and advertising go hand in hand, if one element is weak it reflects badly and undermines the other, regardless of how strong it may be.

A company's advertising of their product is the side that the public is most likely to see and will attract custom and questions to the company. Dealing with enquires in person, by telephone and by email ensures that a consistent and positive image of the company is projected, complimenting the advertising campaign. An advertising campaign also helps to focus the ideas of employees as a certain image and area of the company is given prominence.

Communications and advertising work hand in hand; both elements feed off and complement each other. Having strong communications inside a company helps to project advertising campaigns with a consistent message backing up the area highlighted by advertising.

When a company is considering a communication plan, they have to include advertising however strong and efficient a communications model they have, that image must be projected to the public through advertising.

A poor public image reflects badly on any company. Having strong communications is an area to highlight in an advertising campaign, people like consistency and uniformity, when they contact a company it is reassuring to know that the answers to enquires will be consistent and not vary from person to person or between different departments.

When communications and advertising are complimenting each other, it gives a company a solid base to work on. Both areas need to be constantly monitored and updated to ensure consistency and that they mutually benefit each other. The combined strength of both areas is much greater than each as individual aspects of a company.
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The communication process model that works for advertising is known as Advertising Communication Mode. There are six steps in this process which includes, the sender presents the idea, encodes idea, and then transmits idea. The next three steps are carried out by the receiver which includes that receiver gets the idea, decodes the message and then send feedback.

Now during an advertisement communication model the adviser gives his idea to the advertising agency. In the encoding phase, advertising agency uses the media mix to create an ad. When the message is delivered then target audience gets the idea, understands it and give feedback. Therefore, different strategies are used by the advertising agencies to make the communication process effective. For example, through the application of appealing music in the video etc.

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The Advertising Communication Model bears resemblance to the general communication model nevertheless it has its own distinct set of attributes that make it stand apart from all conventional communication processes. It starts with the advertiser who communicates his objective to the advertising agency as to what he wants to accomplish with his brand through the advertisement. Next the advertising agency, in the light of their client company's objective shape the advertisement (encoding process) and incorporate certain channels of communication (the media mix) to make the advertisement go public. The last step is the receiving step where the target audience encounters the advertisement and that is what ultimately decides the degree to which the advertiser's objectives got fulfilled. There is noise, both internal and external to distort the advertising communication process, therefore the advertising agency takes specific measures to eclipse the sound of those noises and make the consumer focus on the actual advertising message.
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Advertising a communication process

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