Paypal Is Not Available In Pakistan, So How Can I Transfer Money To Pakistan Without A Transaction Fee?


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Yes, you must go for money bookers. I am customer of they do take payment via , and that is a pakistani website as well, then how come they use account ?

and there is a transaction fee of 4-5% per transaction :) nothing is free on internet
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PayPal is one of the many money transfer options people have these days. However, the problem with PayPal is that it is not available in all the countries. Another problem that you may face even if PayPal is there is if you want to withdraw money from your PayPal account using the check facility or the bank transfer facility. For the check facility, you need to provide PayPal with an address that is not more than 35 characters long, and that can be a problem in many Asian countries. The bank transfer process too is free only if you are a resident of the U.S.    You could try other options for money transfer, such as Western Union or MoneyBookers. Western Union has a strong presence in Asia as well, as does MoneyBookers. However, there will be some kind of a transaction fee involved, I think. MoneyBookers at least charges some kind of a transaction fee when you are withdrawing money from the account. So, you will have to pay out some part of the money as a fee. For instance, if you had a thousand rupees in your MoneyBooker account, the site would automatically notify you on how much of that you could actually withdraw. Around a hundred rupees is charged as a fee.
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Some websites are only paying to
But it is not for Pakistan
What should I do?
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Yes you are right ...I tried many sites, but then has a wide coverage and operates across 23 countries!!
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You can ask any of your reliable friend or relative to make paypal account for you from their country.After that you can use it to do business etc.
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Hi my name is muhammad farrukh ismail.if anyone need or want to buy a thing which is not available in Pakistan just send me money through western union or just straight come to me and give me cash. I will just charge you the cost of the price delivery charges from out of pakistan to pakistan or might be custome charges on can also buy online accounts .you can contact me at my email farrukh85  please add after farrukh85

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