What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Representative?


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Contact customers
• find out the needs of the customers
• to uphold about the product to the customers
• try to satisfy the needs
• ensure the terms and conditions of the sale
• be concerned about the opinion of the customers after selling the product
• arrange appointments with medical teams, doctors and pharmacists.
• Making presentations to the medical professionals like: Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, practice staffs and to all the necessary personnel related to the sector.
• Presentations should take place to a suitable time and place for all thus the targeted people can come conveniently. Like: The presentation may take place during the day time or may be in the evening or at a hotel’s or restaurant’s conference venue.
• Build and maintain positive connections and working relationships with medical personnel and also with the supporting administration.
• Manage budgets for the event or for the team work and all the necessary items to be included in the list. Like: Catering, conferences, gifts items, convenes.  
• Keep the records of all the contacts.
• Time and work planning in a correct way.
• Each representative are allotted for each area. Thus each representative of each area can survey the needs of the area people and can make up a forum of their needs and future targets. The representatives along with the area people and area doctors and other medical professionals make a plan for their better living, better future and better healthcare services.
• Attain company meetings regularly, collect technical data, presentations and briefings.
• Presenting and discussing the present which is supplied by the company with healthcare and medical professionals during conferences and presentations.
• Monitor what are the competitive companies doing and about their products and how are they taking steps for taking the market and defeating others.
• Monitor and anticipate positive and negative affects and impacts of the market to the product and adapting proper strategy to prevent that.
• Developing strategies even though there is not a threat or a negative impact on the product. But the strategies should be kept developing all the time for the increment of the opportunities to meet the needs of the people for a stable market value and reputation.
• Getting information about the after effect of the product and how the users and consumers reviewed about the product.

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