Reasons why international marketing is more challenging than domestic marketing?


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International marketing is more challenging than domestic marketing because the scope is much wider - in essence, when a company or individual markets on an international scale, they are marketing to the entire world, rather than a specific country. Since the scope is global, the cost of reaching out to consumers is much higher. However, the Internet Age has made it possible for international marketers to run advertising campaigns without the usual costs of global marketing. Examples of typical international marketing initiatives (on the Web and in mass media) include:

• Television Commercials (often, these are dubbed into different languages; sometimes, different commercials will be filmed to suit different cultures.
• Website-based marketing
• Search Engine Optimization Marketing (attracting more web traffic by getting strong Google rankings, etc.)
• Billboard campaigns (these billboards will use strong images and brand logos to get attention in different countries.

National marketing has many of the same elements; however, its scope is narrower, and its range is limited to a particular nation and its culture. Since countries often have distinct identities, it may be easier to market to nations than to market globally. Often, when a global campaign is planned, a company or individual will hire an ad agency to create and manage an ad campaign. In the case of Internet companies who market to clients all over the world, this sort of ad agency may not be mandatory.

In fact, in the digital age, it can be quite easy to amalgamate national and international marketing campaigns on the World Wide Web. For example, SEO (search engine optimization) techniques can be used to attract Web traffic from all over the world, and this sort of marketing can be more inexpensive than traditional international marketing tactics. In a sense, the Internet has bridged the gap between international and national marketing...

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