Do You Think Advertising Is A Good Or A Bad Thing?


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Alva Lipscomb answered
Advertising has good points in keeping us in the know of things, when new products or improved products, etc are marketed.
The bad point of advertising is the extremes some advertisers go to and the repetitiveness.  Some ads/commercials beat all around the bush before they get to the point.
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Advertisement is the good way to tell about the product to the public through the advertisement 30% business increase for the particular product eg movies adds before the movie  release get the money to the producer  as the spend to make the movie whether it is flop but the advertisement  get the customers
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I think is a bad thing because they get on your nervos and mark you really mad because tells say you said No and they will be there pushing you.  .
On the other hand I think is good because they are away around you so they could help you.
ALAN SIN Profile
ALAN SIN answered

Advertising is a good thing to do as it showcase your products and services to the people who might not know otherwise.

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Epic Research answered

By advertising it is possible to broadcast your products and services to people, it's a good way to let people know about you and your products. 

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Hitesh Sahni , a consultant who helps people and organizations break free, answered

Advertising is good for awareness of products and services. But more often than not, products and services are advertised as the source of your worth and status, a notion which is misleading and lowers consumer's self-esteem.

We are good as we are. We don't need the advertised fairness cream, car, watch or whatever just to prove or enhance our value in front of others.

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nabwire scarlet answered
Advertising is a good thing to both the consumer and the manufacturer because the consumer gets to know the product and the manufacturer gains if it sells through advertising.
amanda eddy Profile
amanda eddy answered
It is goon one way and bad in one;
good;It tells every one about that item.
Bad:Its very annoying how some could be of no use and is wasting time
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Chris ???? answered
Advertising is be good and bad thing. The good part about it is it increases(dramatically) your sales. The bad thing about it is there is too much junk food that appeals to children.
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Deemarcas Day answered
It is a good way to get your name in people's minds when they need the services you provide.  If you are not reaching your target market, then you are wasting money, cause the ads are expensive.
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Advertise : Get information goods of product deliver consumer
Good : Know faculty news ,
Bad :  If you advertise is overmuch , consumer fell so boring, and price is higher
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Charice Miller answered
A good thing! But bear   in mind, magazines are better quality and last longer, while people don't generally keep newspapers for a long time.
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tinga nih answered
A good thing.. This way products will be widely spread.. And seen by your future clients..
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Sharon answered
Having Ads is the best way to go.  It becomes bad if in a certain amount of time you do not make more money in the business as you had to put out for the AD.
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This is like asking if information retention is better or information circulation. How would it sound to give birth without letting anyone know what has one given birth to. A product needs marketing and advertising is the means to do that or else.....

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