What Are The Problems And Prospects Of ICT In Banking Industry?


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1) I feel ICT has reduced the number of available jobs. Since  most things are electronically done, there  will be need to reliefe some people of their jobs there by saving cost and increasing unemployment rate.
2) When there is lapses  in the use of these machines, it becomes a problem Eg the use of ATM cards which scammers use to breake into people's Account there by, carting away with people's money
  For Prospects,
1) The use of ICT has helped to ease banking stress on the part of both customers and bankers themselves. Like the use use of ATM, customers are not under pressure to que up for them to be paid rather, they use the ATM stations which is faster in service.
2) The use of ICT has really helped in transfering Information from one destination to the other eg, Western union Money Transfer, Moneygrametc

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