What Are The Entrepreneuriaol Schools Of Thought?


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There are six proposed school of thoughts/ kinds of entrepreneurship. Each one has its own definition and requirements.
I) Environmental School of Though

This school of thought is related with the external factors that affect a probable entrepreneur's standards of living. These can be either positive or negative forces in the molding of entrepreneurial requirements.

Ii) Financial/Capital School of Thought
This school of though is based on the asset search procedure. The hunt for seed and growth funds is the entire focus of this entrepreneurial value.

Iii) Displacement School of Thought
This school of though focuses on group phenomena.
Individuals will not follow a business enterprise unless they are prohibited or displaced from doing other activities.

Iv) Entrepreneurial trait School of Thought (People School)
Many researchers and writers have been interested in recognizing the traits that are common to victorious entrepreneurs.

V) Venture Opportunity School of Thought

The quest for idea sources, the development of concepts, and the accomplishment of venture opportunities are the important areas of concentration related to this school.

Vi) Strategic Formulation School Thought
Strategic planning is inextricably intertwined into the entire fabric of management; it is not something disconnected and separate from the procedure of organization.

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