What Are The Negative Aspects Of Advertising?


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These are the disadvantages of advertising:

Increases the cost:
It increases the cost of goods. The cost of the advertisement is included in the price and is ultimately borne by the customers.

Misleads the public:
It misleads the public by giving false statements about the product. (It may be true in some cases but majority of advertisers know the value of honest statements.)

Creates a dissatisfaction:
It creates tastes and desires for some people whose income may not allow them to buy. Such people feel dissatisfied.

Creates a monopoly:
It increases monopolistic trend. Due to advertisement some manufacturers create monopoly in industry and thus reduce healthy competition. It becomes difficult for new firms to enter the field.

Creates the confusion:
It creates the possibility of wrong purchases. Being impressed by the advertisement, in some cases, a person is not able to purchase the commodity, which he actually wants to purchase.

Encourages luxury:
This encourages luxury. Mostly the commodities related to comforts and luxuries are advertised, for example, cigarettes, cosmetic goods and etc. Due to advertisement of cigarettes several persons start smoking cigarettes, which becomes habit.

Reduces cleanliness:
It reduces cleanliness. Large number of posters and writings on the walls are used for advertisement. This makes the roads and the walls of the houses look dirty. Thus, it reduces the natural beauty.

Causes wastage:
It is a cause of wastage of natural resources. As a results of advertisement, style and fashion change quickly. It makes the goods out of fashion

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