Can Advertisement Increase Sale?


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Of course advertisement can increase sales of a product to quite a large extent. However as they say a bad advertising campaign can ruin a good product but a good advertising campaign cannot save a bad product.

Advertisement helps in letting the customers know about your product. If a product exists in the market but the consumers have no knowledge of its existence then they cannot buy it. That is the first and foremost objective that advertisement achieves. That is, it gives out information and spreads knowledge about the product.

Advertisement can enhance the image of the product and if carried out tastefully people will be attracted to your product. A good ad will also help your product stand out among competitor products. It will highlight the specific benefits that your product offers as well as what is known as the 'competitive advantage' in marketing jargon. Competitive advantage is the quality in your product that other brands do not have to offer. It is only through advertisement that consumers can find out about it.

However, as I already said, a good advertising campaign cannot save a bad product, no matter how much you spend on advertising if your product is not good enough, it is bound to fail. Good advertising may prompt consumers to try your product but re-purchase will not follow because of the lack of quality of the product.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing in successful selling of a product is not advertisement but a good product itself, though advertisement can help tremendously in increasing sales.
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The basic purpose of the advertisement is to tell the customers that there is something new in the market so that they can try new products. It tells the customer the complete information about the product and image of the product and persuades him/her by telling the features of the products. Some products are totally reliable on the advertisement. Like the service sector the number of sales is directly proportional to the advertising volume. More advertisement results into more sales. So we can say that by advertising out products we can increase our sales and revenues.

Some people believe that by advertising our product we are just wasting our money. They believe that the low cost advertisement through word of mouth and other cheap methods can be used for the advertisement and it save costs of the companies. But no one can deny the importance of advertising and its relationship with sales. The more the customer can remember the advertisements the better he can remember at the time of purchase to make the comparison of your product. So it helps the customers to distinguish the products among the numbers of products in the shop so the advertisement can make the difference.
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Most of the entrepreneurs running business and increase their sales to grow business. Nowadays every business is based on its advertisement and marketing because these are the only way to increase sales of their business. If an individual cannot do advertisement in a proper way then he/she  will definitely loose many customers. In any business and work doing work is not the way to get the success but applying the techniques in proficient manner can help to grow your business, same technique we also apply for advertisement. Advertisement done in a specific manner can result to a great number of customers to your business. Advertising is a necessary evil, as it is the essential way to bring your product to the spot light. 

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it does indeed.  Im a sign Advertiser for Little Caesar's Pizza and sales have gone up since i started a few months ago.

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Yes of course,Advertisement helps to increase the sale.Advertisement is basically for tell to the customers and visitors that there is something new develop, create, make for you. You should try once. Advertisement make a person decision for buying it or not. If yes then read all of the features of the product .It's just all depend upon the advertisements.

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yes advertising is really help to increase sale because you tell customer what is unique and quality of your services.

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Yes advertisement can increase sale, that's why we can see a lot of advertisement around us.

Advertisement can bring potential customers to your website or landing page. If your landing page is not ready or attractive enough then you may lose a customer.

So, do not only focus on advertisement but also focus on other selling factors, implement cross sell & up sell technique to your landing page.

I hope you can increase your sale!

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You can increase sales with the countdown timer, which ticks in front of the customer and shows how much time he has left until the end of the promotion or discount. The best place to add a timer in an online store is the product page. It is advisable that this is a popular and relatively inexpensive product, on which you can offer a discount without much loss for yourself. The incentive for making a purchase can be a seasonal sale, getting free shipping, “buy one product and get a 50% discount on the second”, a free gift, etc.… there are many options.

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