State The Reasons For The Development Of Consumer Behavior?


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Due some factors consumer behaviour as a subject was developed.    1: Special need and personality of consumer:    Each and every individual have separate life style, having different personality needs and wants, therefore the marketer or producer launch the product or services, keeping in view all these things.  Therefore the marketer thought that there should be a separate subject who should consist of the attitude, perception and behaviour of the consumer and thus they developed the consumer behaviour as a subject.    2: Technological development:    The modern age is the age of web economy i.e. Computers, fax machine, email, live conferencing etc. The latest technology has been launched by the marketer in order to get the maximum share of the total market. But the latest technology and modern machines are of no use if there is no information or the study of consumer behaviour.    3: Growth of international market:    Different types of producer export their products in to international markets in order to get their maximum foreign exchange. Most of the marketers have been disappeared from the international market because they had no or very little information about consumer preferences liking and disliking.    4: Business Concern:    Due to huge population and scarce resources, most of the marketers are producing low quality products in order to get maximum profit; to avoid their monopoly consumer behaviour is necessary.
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Consumer buying behaviours are influenced by and depend on several factors. Their buying behaviors also differ on the basis of whether they are ultimate consumers or Industrial or business buyers. Industrial buyers are more predictable and they mostly rely on acumen and logic. They are most influenced by quality and price. However, in the ultimate consumer market, buying behaviors are not that easy to predict or analyze.
The buying decisions of the end consumer of any product can be influenced by or based on any of the following factors
1. Price of the product: The price of the product influences the buyer's decision whether to buy or not to a great degree.
2. Quality of the product: According to studies, a very important factor that influences consumer most, after price, is the product's quality.
3. Availability: If the product is easily available, buyers may buy it more than a competing product that is not easily available..
4. Need of the product: Need for the product will also prompt the consumer to buy it.
5. Attractiveness of the item: This factor mostly occurs in impulse buying.
6. Convenience of the consumer and product: If the product provides and esnures convenience through either is use or easy availability, the buyer is more likely to purchase it.

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