What Are The Organisational Skills & Competences Of A Secretary?


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  • It is vital that secretaries have good customer service skills because depending on the specific role they have they will have to address people face to face, via the telephone or by switchboard. In order to be successful in the customer service area you will need to be polite and professional when greeting people. In addition they must remain respectful and alert so if anyone directs a question at them, they can provide the answer.
  • Organizational skills are very important in the sense that secretaries are basically used to control what's going on and steady the ship, so to speak, in order for everything to run smoothly. They will have to monitor all of their employer's important dates and events so everything coincides with their schedule.
  • As well as organizing events and meetings, a secretary will need to organize files and create a system that helps to keep everything intact and in an appropriate place. A secretary may be asked to file information in cupboards and desks or they may need to file things electronically in computer systems. In a lot of cases they will have to do both.
  • This brings us onto the important computer skills that a secretary will be required to possess. Having a good knowledge of word documents and spreadsheets, as well as powerpoint presentation software. In addition, they will need to know their way around social networking sites and email so they can contact people on their employer's behalf.

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