What Is Aquafina In The Marketing Field?


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In the marketing field Aquafina will be classified as a fast moving consumer good. The short form for fast moving consumer good is FMCG. All FMCG goods tend to have some common characterestics:

High volume sales
Low margin products
Many competitors in the market
Many buyers in the market
Low entry barriers in the market
Technology wise, not very intensive
Supported by large advertising and marketing budgets
Most firms except the market leaders will follow the push strategy
Most of the products will have a long product life cycle also called PLC
All FMCG goods are easily available in convenience stores

Aquafina is the mineral water brand of Pepsi. It has many rivals in many markets. Its chief rival tends to be Coca-Cola. It also faces competition from other local competitors. Aquafina tends to abhor the use of celebrities in its advertising unlike its parent company which liberally uses celebrities in its cola ads.
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Actually, the Aquafina is a water brand from the Pepsi Company. It was originated in Wichita, Kansas in 1994, started with a test market in the same area and went national in 1997.

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