According To Don Ziccardi, What Are The Classifications Of Luxury Products?


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Don Ziccardi, the Chief Executive Officer of a New York advertising agency has written a book that is titled 'Influencing the Affluent: Marketing to the Individual Luxury Customer in a Volatile Economy' – in the book he has divided the luxury products into four distinct consumer categories. These categories are namely wealthiest of the wealthy, class gone mass, mass gone class and everyday luxury.

The first class 'wealthiest of the wealthy' is advertised and targeted by the top-end luxury brands. As for the second class that is class gone mass, it involves a company that produces luxury products to introduce a cheaper version of the luxury product that is more affordable than the conventional exclusive offerings of the company. As for mass gone class, the company offers affordable mass brands that have the chrysalis of class enveloping their epithet. The last class is that of everyday luxuries that is inclusive of everyday luxuries that rich people use on a workaday basis such as Starbuck's Caffe Latte etc.

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