How can i get a loan put on my green dot visa debit card?


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You simply put the money you got from the loan on the card in the same way that you always put money on the card.

Using a green dot visa debit card is really easy. Start by buying your card at one of the many local retailers. These include convenience stores, pharmacies, and other locations near you. The card is simply sold to you over the counter. Both Visa and Mastercard can provide you with a list of locations that you can purchase one, within your local area. This can be done under the ‘store locator’ section of their websites.

You then need to ‘load’ money onto your new green dot debit card. This is done when you purchase the card. You tell the person behind the till how much you want on your card, and then you give them that amount in cash. You should also keep track of how much you contributed, and how much you spend over time.

You should use your green dot card anywhere that Mastercard and Visa are accepted. This kind of card can save you a great deal of hassle in numerous places, allowing you to quickly and easily pay for train fares, bus fares, or your lunch in a restaurant.

You should reload your green dot card with the ‘MoneyPak Universal Reload’ system. This is a system that allows you to top up your card if you simply go to one of your local retail locations that sells the card. Just like you did when you bought the card, you need to give the cashier the money that you want to put on the card, they will scan your card and then go about putting that amount of money on the debit card.

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