How do I get a payday loan using my prepaid debit card without having a bank account, checking, or saving account?


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Without a bank account you will certainly struggle to get a payday loan, as most of them ask for a post dated check from you as proof that you will pay back on the given day.

The other thing is that they will need proof of employment and usually need to know your bank details.

The only way you could get a loan without providing these details is if a company was willing to give you a loan in cash, you could then put it onto your prepaid card without a problem. However, it's your lack of banking details that will be a problem for any lender.

Is there a family member or friend who could loan the money to you? Most payday loan companies charge unrealistic rates of interest and people get caught in the loop of taking out another loan to pay the first one.

I know that there are two companies who will pay onto a prepaid debit card, but you need to visit them in person, it is not something that you can do online.

  • Check 'n Go will pay the loan onto a prepaid card but they will ask for bank details or a post dated check. Whether they would accept a check from someone else is something you could ask.
  • Advance America is a similar lender who again will pay onto the card if you can get around the lack of bank details.

I hope you can work something out, good luck.

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