What Jobs Can A 15 Year Old Get In Somerset? And How Can I Look For A Job Being Under 16?


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Requirements: You have to get a work permit from an Education Social Worker; this is a legal requirement for insurance reasons.  Contact Somerset Direct on 0845 3459122, or Email [email protected] to ask how to get a permit ("license") for an under 16 to work.  The permit is specific to the job, so you can't actually get it until you have a job offer, but helpful to make sure you know how the application process works beforehand

Mostly about hours, and less about the type of job.  That said, you can't do anything that might be deemed "hazardous".  No lifting, nothing industrial (factory work is out), nothing in warehouses or using any type of power tools or machinery.

No more than 2 hours/day on a usual school day, which has to be after school.  

No more than 8 hours on a Saturday, 2 hours on a Sunday.

Check with your local authority; you may be allowed to work up to one hour before school, too, though.

No work before 7am or after 7pm.

Maximum 35 hours a week in school holiday weeks.

Finding a job:
One of your best resources is Connexions, a cafe-style one-stop shop for teens trying to make life decisions.  Find the nearest Connexions to you.  Phone them up if too far to visit.  They can email you info or get you registered to look at their job listings by email/online.

The Somerset pages are slow as treacle loading up this morning, so phone them if slow for you, too.
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There are np jobs for under 16s and I think it is kind of unfair as we want to earn wages to buy decent things for ourselves
we should be aloud that type of responsibility

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