What can i do for a job i live in england and i am 13 years old i need a job to get money to pay for little things i need and safe up for clothes and stuff?


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Cheryle Masters answered
Babysit.  Depending if you live in a big or small town, you could run errands for your neighbors, especially the elderly; chores for your parents, chores for neighbors...
Here in USA, we can collect and turn in soda bottles or cans.  Selling other peoples junk (w/permission, of course) because it could be someone else's treasure.
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Alexander Mason answered

When I was living in England, I would run petty jobs for people who needed errands completed. It was fun, because I wasn't stuck in one dead-end job like today. The petty contracts allowed me to branch out, and try different styles of work. You could try what I did, or try to find an apprenticeship for a trade you're interested in.

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