I'm 14 years old, about to be 15 and I NEED A BABYSITTING JOB! Where can I find a babysitting job?


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The best way in which to find a babysitting job is to do so through friends and family. Ask your relatives if they know of anyone who may need a babysitter, remembering any younger cousins or nephews and nieces you may have.

If you can't find anyone in this way, ask around your local neighborhood. You could post leaflets advertising your services - make it look professional and ensure you mention your reliability and ability to handle responsibility. If you have a local shop, you could put an advertisement in the window.

You shouldn't find it too difficult to find a babysitting job if you put your services out there. However, you should bear in mind you are unlikely to earn a large amount of money from babysitting, and it may not be regular. Looking for an alternative job may be a good idea; there are a number of jobs that a 14 or 15 year old could do.

  • Other jobs for under 16s

Take a trip to your local town with a CV (ask a family member or friendly school teacher to help you with this). Any cafes, florists or small independent stores you come across, go in and ask if they are currently looking to hire a Saturday girl (be sure to mention your age at this point, as some employers don't accept under 16s). If they say no, still drop off a CV as they may call you in the future.

You could also go round your local neighborhood offering to mow lawns or run errands. Many people are too busy to do such tasks themselves and wouldn't mind paying you a small fee to do it. If there is a newspaper shop nearby, look into getting a paper round.

Although most jobs available to 15 year olds are poorly paid and unglamorous, getting a job now is your first step into the world of work. As well as earning money, you are gaining valuable work experience.
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Goto your nearest day care center an wait till the parents show up 2 pick up their child and present your best smile and sincerity

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