What Jobs Can A 14-year-old Get In Kansas?


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You can do such things as stocking shelves in a grocery store or Department store,you clean business parking lots,keeping trash cleared,you may be able to work in a mall game room,but any job would only allow so many hours because you must go to school,you could work weekends...good luck
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14 is a very young age to be able to get a job in Kansas. Normally you need to be at least 16 to get a proper official job. However, you can try a number of things on your own, like Baby sitting, working at your local store as a salesman or bagger, working at a restaurant etc. In fact restaurants like McDonalds and KFC often hire kids of that age. Best of Luck!
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Sadly for you none unless you get a working permit from the state/ city
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Depends. Babysitting, yard work, but 14 I'm pretty sure you cannot work in public places. You must be 15 and have a work permit just to do that
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Heyy am 15 n I have worked since I was 11 because I look older 4 my age its very easy you just hav 2 no wer 2 look and ask around keep trying you wil get 1
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Aicha has some good advice above, but there is a more exciting prospect out there if your parents are willing to help you out with some of the financial stuff. You could become a seller on eBay, but not by buying a lot of stuff and reselling it. That is a pain. You sign up with a dropshipper who has connections to suppliers, sell stuff on eBay, send the info to your dropshipper and then they do all the shipping, payments, and returns. Here's a link that might help.


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