What Is The Role Of Administration Department In An Organization?


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The role of administration department within an organization is to process all of the admin and documents for the rest of the company. There are many different departments that need to have different things done with their admin. The main functions of an admin department of an organization are;

  • To process paperwork for external suppliers.
  • To process paperwork and information for internal people. This could be anything from looking after the basic bills to the internal post.
  • Looking after the internal communications so that all members of the organization are aware of what is going on within the organization.
  • Organizing any deliveries or suppliers coming into the offices for the day for any reason.
  • Arranging company extras such as company cars and any hotels for business trips that may be needed.
  • Sending out any mail on behalf of the company. This could be for different stakeholders, customers or even for staff.
The admin department will be responsible for ensuring that all records that pass through the department are filed correctly and can be found and referred to if and when they ever become necessary.

These will be records of purchases and expenses from different parts of the company and their approval from the finance department. There will also be different confidential information about employees that are owned by the Human Resources department. These too will be stored and used by the admin department.

This is an important department for any company and they work across all departments and with all kinds of work. I guess that no one day is the same as the last in an admin department as there is so much that they are responsible for.
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Administration in an organization helps in the proper running of the organization in all aspects. Administration is the basic need for a long term organization.
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I still need more explanation on the role of administration manager.
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Administration and ICT ensure the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis. They have the responsibility for clerical duties, cleaning, computer and software support, security and health and safety.
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An admin in an organi-station is very crucial, he has to make sure that office runs with the flaw less service in house keeping, security and in ve rius things in office
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Administration Department
• Provides support and service for the activities of Managing Director and other staff
• Maintain important documents
• House-Keeping
• Various subjects are handled as Housekeeping matters. It varies from maintenance of Corporation’s vehicles, their contract work, security, telephone, scrutiny and passing of bills of staff benefits, bills for hired cars, allotment of staff quarters etc
• Coordinate Activities between division/departments
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The role of admin department is to provide administrative assistance for the preparation of the documentation when necessary to other departments of the organization.
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I'm currently writing an assignment about this and have so far put.

The administrator is ultimately there to make sure that the managing director of the company are always focused on their jobs and responsibility instead of focusing on writing important business documents..

If you have anymore can you post it on here as it would probably help me as well :D

Dannie :D
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Paperwork!  Hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, insurance, taxes, internal conflict and more paperwork!

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