Organisations That Fail To Plan Are Planning To Fail. Do You Agree Or Disagree With This Statement?


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I would agree to this statement because it is very important for every organization to plan ahead if it wants to survive in the industry. The competition is very strong and firms are always neck to neck and in order to gain a competitive advantage, every organization has to see where it stands in the industry and what are its strengths and weaknesses and also those of the each competitor. It is also important to identify the opportunities and to avail them by planning carefully so that the position can be improved. Planning and devising a strategy for the future is very vital and if an organization fails to do so, then it means it is asking for trouble.
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This is an easily remembered cliche, but perhaps not entirely accurate.

A plan rarely guarantees the absence of failure. An actual plan with an incorrect model of reality may guarantee failure as surely as "failure to plan."

Plans are almost always wrong or out-of-date as soon as they are published. The nature of reality is such that there will always be some contingency not covered by the plan, and things don't always go according to plan.

The primary virtue of a plan is that it requires you consider what path you want to take and where you want to end up. These are good things to be thinking about if you want to succeed. Planning is neither necessary, nor sufficient for success, but success is more likely if you consider what success means.

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Its true with organizations and it is true for individuals.  If you plan to retire at 65, but you haven't planned the steps that will make you ready to retire at 65. You will fail to be able to retire or you will retire in poverty, neither of which is desirable.  An organization can plan and still fail.  Coke planned for and changed their basic products a few years back, and did not test the idea properly to determine how it would be received by consumers.  They found out the public was negative about the change and they couldn change back fast enough.   I would change the saying to--Organizations that fail to plan "accurately"...   The carmakers probably fall into these categories.
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I agree,there has to be some type of format to follow.Rules and restrictions,projects and goals.If you don't plan on something,then you can plan on failure.

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