1) Define Business Administration Its Concept, Importance And Process. How Administrations Of Business Help The Organization?


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Business administration in simple terms, is everything that encompasses a business. The administration of a business includes managing and monitoring absolutely everything to do with a business, from marketing, advertising, to the hiring and the management of staff. To explore business administration in great detail, we will explore each of your questions separately.

  • The Concept of Business Administration:
    The concept of business administration is the process of managing every different angle of a business so it can run, expand, grow and succeed. Without business administration, all areas of the business would go unmonitored and would eventually break down.

    In a business, there is usually a team or department of business administrators and their job is to monitor and manage every aspect of the business to ensure the business has its best chance of succeeding. In short, the concept of business administration is to over see the running of the company and working to ensure the business is working, running to its best ability.

  • The Importance of Business Administration:
    The importance of business administration is of course very high. In order for a business to run properly and to be successful, every aspect of the business needs to work. In order for this to take place, business administrators should monitor, manage and assess each element of the business, keeping records and analyzing each department's information on a regular basis to ensure everything is running according to plan.

    Business administrators usually are the ones to make large important business decisions, too, which is of course again, exceptionally important. In short, a business would very likely fail without a good business administration team.

  • The Process of Business Administration:
    The process of business administration is the overseeing and controlling of a business. This includes keeping a lot of records, monitoring and overseeing every department and staffing and managing teams of employees.

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