How To Find Out How Much State Tax I Paid Last Year?


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It should be possible to find out how much state tax you paid last year by contacting your state’s tax agency website. There is a directory of the tax agencies in each of the 50 states at
Each state agency website should have contact details and some also have a question and answer section that should help you with your enquiries.

A more detailed list of relevant business related websites in each state is also available by visiting,,id=99021,00.html
Statistics are available to indicate the average amount of state tax paid by each person per year. The figures for 2007 show that people in Alaska pay the most state tax ($5,054.87 per capita) while people in South Dakota pay the least ($1,579.87 per capita). The national average is $2,493.45.
The United States is a federal republic with autonomous state and local governments. Taxes are imposed at each of these levels. Areas on which people are liable to pay tax include income, property, sales, imports, payroll, estates and gifts.

Taxes are imposed on the net income of individuals and corporations by the Federal Government, most state governments and some local governments. Residents are taxed on their worldwide income, although they are allowed a credit for foreign taxes.

The IRS publishes detailed information if you want to find out more about your federal income tax, visit this link to download a PDF outlining more information:

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