I Made 6000 This Year. How Much Will I Get Back On My Tax Return?


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Merlin Paine answered
Well if you are single and can claim at least one . You have no taxable income. $6000 minus personal $3650 equals $2350 minus standard deduction for single or married filing separately $5700 equals negative $3350. Even if you cannot claim yourself you only have a taxable income of $300 which should not be subject to tax. If you are self employed you have to make at least $400 before you are required to file. So you will get back all the money you paid in, if you had exemption, of federal and almost certainly state tax if you paid anything in and if your state has an income tax. I believe that Tennessee and maybe one or two other states don't have state income taxes. If you have a child you may be eligible for an earned income credit and a child tax credit. The child tax credit is usually only used to lower taxable income and you do not have any so nothing from more nothing is still zero. But there is some exceptions to this rule. The earned income credit is where you get money back that you never paid in. So you will get all you paid in back and possible much much more.

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