How Can I Calculate What My Weekly Unemployment Rate Will Be In The State Of Ohio?


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Figure out the amount of money you made during the base periods in question. You get that information from the questions you answered when you filed (did you work and made at least $200 a week during the period from 4/08 thru 4/09?)

once you know how much money you grossed (before taxes) during the base period the unemployment set, you divide the gross amount into 52 weeks (or as many weeks you worked in the base period) then divide that amount in half.


The base period, lets say, is 52 weeks and you made $30,000

30,000 / 52 = 576.93

576.93 / .5 = 288.461 this is your unemployment pay per week

you need at least 20 weeks of work to qualify for 20 weeks of unemployment

The rule of thumb is half of what you made for least 20 weeks and at most 26 weeks (after 26 weeks you have to file for an extension)

there is a maximum amount the state is required to pay out which is $355 a week with no dependents (so if you made more that $1000 a week when you worked you will not receive $500. If you have 3 or more dependents the max they pay is $479.

This does not include the new $25 raise per week Obama just passed That money comes from the government not your previous employer; as well as the extensions coming.
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You'll get 50% of your average weekly wage when you were working. So if you earned 400/wk at work, you'll get $200/wk in unemployment. They add up your wages for each week you worked during the "base period" and then divide that number by the number of weeks you worked. You had to have worked at least 20 wks during the "base period" which is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. If you have less than 20 wks using those four quarters, then they'll use the alternate base period which is simply the last four completed calendar quarters.
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The link below has a calculator for unemployment WBA if you want to give it a try.
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Unemployment is a average percentage on how much your income was in the last couple of years. You will have to get online and look for the website or call your most recent employer for a number to get the exact amount. That would be the best thing for you to do.

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