How Much Tax Is Taken Out Of A Paycheck?


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State taxes will vary depending on which state you live in, in some cases income tax isn’t charged at all. You need to confer with your payroll department to see how much tax you should be paying, or you could consult the labor department of your state. Some states will generally charge school and county taxes.

The tax that is taken out of your pay check will depend on the information you have filled out in your W-4 form which will contain your allowances recorded on the payroll system and filing status. Your employer will use this form to deduct which tax bracket you belong in.

On the other hand you have the option to check the ‘exempt’ box which will stop you from paying federal taxes; however you have to qualify for this status. To become exempt you will have to meet certain requirements. These include having had no tax liabilities from the year just gone and you must assume that you will not have any for the coming year. In addition your parents or guardians may be able to claim you as a dependent on their tax return. You must indicate all of this on your W-4 form, however if you do not claim for the dependents stated on your tax return, you will owe money to the Internal Revenue Service.  You should also take into consideration that the more allowances you claim, the less taxes you will be required to pay.

You may be required to pay FICA tax which stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. They require Social Security and Medicare taxes to be paid. With regards to Social Security tax, citizens will have 6.2 per cent deducted from their pay check while Medicare will deduct around 1.45 per cent of your earnings.
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I Live in virginia and am pretty sure that my boss is holding about 28 percent of my check each paycheck does this seem normal?? I thought it seemed a little high if so how do I go about proving it to him.
My last check
With holdings
Fica 51.68
Medicare 12.08
Federal 128
state 38
net pay 603.84
Claiming single one dependent
that's 230 taken out in one pay period seems like a lot!!
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I guess it depends on which country you live in, Federal, State or other taxing agency. Please be more specific in your question. 
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I have been a florida citizen for 44 years and a virginia one year. I'm in the process of moving back to florida. Due I have to pay state taxes?

V/r Derrick
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I get payed £195.57 before tax how much should I get taxed on that?

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