How To Write Letter Bank To Replace Damaged Atm Card?


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ATM cards are the convenient form of bank card that permits you to take out the money that you require, and can be replaced really easily these days. Writing a letter is one way to get your bank card replaced, but it’s much easier by just getting in touch over the telephone or going to your local branch.

If your bank card has been stolen or has been lost, then the very first thing you need to do is get in touch with your bank. Most banks will have a phone line that offers 24-hour support, so that getting in touch when your card has been lost is really easy. The lines are there for precisely this purpose, and provide you with a much better service than if you were to write a letter to replace your damaged, lost or stolen ATM card.

Of course, your bank card has been damaged, meaning that writing a letter isn’t exactly out of realms of possibility. Writing a letter will mean that you will have to spend a great deal of time without a card being sent to you, as further correspondence may be required. Getting in touch over the phone or going to your local bank branch will allow you to quickly explain the problem that you’ve had, and get your new ATM card ordered the very same day. By calling or going to the branch, you can expect your brand new ATM card within seven and 10 business days, as opposed to a matter of weeks.

Once you have received your brand new ATM card, you just need to activate it by ringing the number listed with the letter the card comes with. If you absolutely want to send a letter though, then just send your bank a letter explaining the problem and that you want a new card.
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Just be straight forward:

Dear Customer Service,

My card for account # ... Has been damaged, please replace it.

If you have the damaged card, include it in the letter.

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