Can I Get In Trouble Cause I Am Collecting Unemployment From Two States At The Same Time?


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You don't want to cash a check until you go in and talk to them about this, you might be getting over looked on something here, and they will find out later if you do cash them, and then find out that you have to pay money back later, shoot, they might even discontinue any future services, if they mess up. So, please, make sure you find out from the current state that you live in that this is o.k. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I started unemployment in one state and then they said I had no more left and recommended that I go to the other state I worked in. So I started collecting unemployment from the 2nd state and the first state gave me an extension so I did work in 2 states and was illegible and so I collected from both states.
What are the consequences?

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