How Many People In The USA Are Currently Applying For Unemployment Benefits And Which Industry Has The Largest Unemployed?


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Right now, approximately 12.5 million are unemployed in the US, with the highest percentages in service-providing sectors. This is per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which you might enjoy.
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Nitin Khanna
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Wow man... That's a lot! No wonder Obama is trying to reduce the number of H1B visas being handed out to Asian and European Workers who want to go to the US to find work. N wonder it is being stated that the "Great American Dream" which Indians have been dreaming since so long is now over, at least for the time till the recession stays!!!
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Don't worry, friend. Obama is only motivating companies to move out of the US, which means the BPO and outsourcing biz here in India will grow, grow, grow. The trick is to set up foreign subsidiaries so the profits are never repatriated to the USA. You'll see lots of capital flight in the next 4-8 years, courtesy of Obama and his team of interns and upstarts.

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