How Many People Are Unemployed In The State Of Illinois?


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The number of people who were unemployed in Illinois in May 2011 was 584,969. This figure is up by 9,817 compared to April 2011, but is still a major improvement on the peak of unemployment in the state, which occurred in January 2010, and was 740,050.
Illinois is the fifth most populated state in the United States with a current population of 12,830,632. The most populated states in the United States and their respective unemployment statistics are:
  • California
California's population stands at 36,580,371, the number of people unemployed in the state as of May 2011 totaled 2,117,262.
  • Texas
The number of people unemployed in Texas in May 2011 was 985,656, the population of the state stands at 24,304,290.
  • New York
Of the 19,467,789 people currently resident in the state of New York, 752,094 were unemployed in May 2011.
  • Florida
Florida has a population of 18,423,878, and in May 2011 the unemployed total stood at 979,527.
Of the 12,830,262 people resident in the state of Illinois, over 1.7 million were foreign-born, with the majority of those (48.4%) being from Latin America. Nearly 25% of the immigrants were from Asia, and 22.8% were from Europe. Small amounts of people had immigrated from Africa, and Oceania. The age range of the population of Illinois is varied and 6.9% of the population are under the age of five, with 24.9% being aged between five and 17. 56.1% of the population are aged between 18 and 65, with the remainder (12.1%) aged over 65.
12.8% of the population of Illinois speaks fluent Spanish, whilst other languages that are used in the state include Portuguese, Russian, German, French and Italian.

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