How Many Weeks Can You Get Unemployment Benefits In Illinois?


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The maximum length of time you can collect unemployment benefits for in Illinois is twenty six weeks. This is providing that you meet all of the requirements to make you eligible for the maximum amount of benefits. In some extreme cases such as when the unemployment rate is very high in the state, you may be able to claim benefits for longer. The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) website has all the information you could need about filing for unemployment benefits as well as the option to file for the online. This can be found at

Applying for unemployment benefits in Illinois online is relatively straight forwards. First visit their website, as mentioned above, to look through all of the eligibility requirements. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits you will need to prove that you were made unemployed through no fault of your own. Once you know that you are eligible for benefits click the ‘Start my Application’ page on the IDES website. You will then need to fill in all the requested information including your Social Security number, contact information, recent and previous employers in the past year, gross earnings, school status, pension or retirement pay, worker’s compensation pay and holiday pay.

When this has been filled out, you will need to mail a Direct Deposit Request with the information filled out completely and a voided check if you want the money deposited into your checking or savings account. Wait for a UI Claimant Wage Information in the mail, which will tell you how much you have made at the employer that will cover your unemployment. You will also be told how much the IDES are willing to pay you biweekly. Make sure that you carry out every scheduled call to the Tele-Serve in order to claim your money and contact the IDES if you have not had any response within three weeks.
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26 weeks plus 33 extended benefit weeks plus an additional 13 weeks if you qualify. Total of 72 weeks.
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In Illinois you can get up to 72 weeks of benefits if your eligible for them as of now.
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How long can you collect unemployment In Illinois as of 1-14-2011

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