What Is Unemployment And What Are Some Ways Of Removing It?


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Unemployment is a serious problem not only for our country but also for the advanced countries. The number of educated as well as uneducated unemployed people is increasing every year.
In our own country, Pakistan we find increasing unemployment in different fields. Thousands of B.As and M.As are idle as they cannot even get jobs of clerks, ordinary staff workers and teachers. Thousands holding the B.Sc and M.Sc degrees cannot get jobs in research labs, centuries of scientific work, factories and so on. In the cities we find many thousands of unemployed laborers and skilled workers. These people do manual work, and generally earn daily wages. They are often unemployed for days and weeks together.
When machines are used on farms in villages many laborers and farmers become idle. Quite a few of them come to cities and the problem of unemployment here becomes much more serious.
The government should open new factories and industries at as many places as possible. Unemployed skilled workers are able to work there. Unemployed people should ready to do all sorts of work. Industrials should expand their work, industries or set up new ones to provide work to a larger number of people.
Unemployment should be reduced to the minimum level. It is necessary for the progress and prosperity of every nation.
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Unemployment is when a person capable, qualified and willing to work for pay, in a place of employment does not have a job. This person is considered to be unemployed. I suspect you have heard the phrase "the unemployment rate for the United States is 23%" or some other figure, and have wondered what this means. This means, of all the adults in the United States who possess the ability, knowledge, experience and desire to work, 23% of them have not been employed by any company and therefore are considered to be out of work or unemployed.

You also asked, the ways of removing unemployment.
This is a question many people are asking and the answer is not an easy answer. Sometimes we hear a company is laying off 200 workers, and we wonder why this is so. Well, some company's when the business is not going well and not making money, cannot afford to keep all their workers; they do away with the jobs and then 200 more people are out of work and unemployed.

Other companies decide to move their company to another country, where they will pay workers less money and sell more of their products. These companies do away with the American jobs, forcing more people into unemployment; at the same time they hire new people in the other country where they moved their business. If, companies stopped moving out of United States, this would help to stop some unemployment.

Also, some companies go out of business and all of their employees become unemployed. If, these business's did not go out of business, this would
help with unemployment. If, more people opened
new business's then this would also help with unemployment. Opening new business creates new jobs. The best way to end unemployment is to create new jobs. Many people want to do but do not have enough money to hire other people. Many people own a business and run the business alone from home they do not add to employment, but they indirectly add to the unemployment rate, because they do not hire others to work for them.

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