What Are The Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan?


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There are a number of causes of unemployment in Pakistan.The most important of these causes is a non stop increasing population. Deteriorating law and order situation has slowed down the tempo of economic activity. Karachi is the biggest industrial base of our country. But investors are reluctant to invest there because of continuous unrest and violence.

Our educational system is also responsible for the high unemployment rate among the educated youth. The attitude of our youth towards the choice of a career is also unrealistic and unproductive. They want to get only some white-collar job. Rapid mechanization and computer technology are also causing unemployment.

Unnecessary and frequent strikes in factories have compelled the owners to go for automation and such technology as requires less manpower. Lack of infrastructure facilities, especially in the field of energy, telecommunication and transportation also prevent the industrialist from setting up new industries. Large scale smuggling which has flooded the market with cheaper goods poses a serious threat to the development of local industry. Tight bureaucratic control on the economy, inadequate credit facilities and complex tax system are also some important factors that are creating hurdles in the way of private sector investment in industrial projects.
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This is a good & realistic report, but I think 90 percent our educational system is responsible for unemployment because most of the institutions do not teach according to the market requirement and what they teach they aslo don't know the applications/implimentation of those studies.
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The main reason of unemployment is government is not keen in providing jobs to the fresh graduates .
Tahir and Shoaib 4m Tarbela Dam.RBC
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Main reason of unemployment in pakistan is corruption that why if any organization create any vacancy the will be a power applied by an MPA or MNA to select the candidate of his choice
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Main problem of unemployment in Pakistan is that whenever a new technology comes as Software or hardware then all the people starts studying about that. Then at the end, you will see ten thousand students of a particular field against 5 or 10 job vacancies.
I remember those days when every one talking about MBA. I have seen many people saying that MBA is good and we will do it.

Actually I am talking about those days when MBA was becoming popular. Many people join MBA even without thinking that there are many other fields, and if everyone does MBA then the competition will also be tough and as a result job will be less but applicants will be thousands times more than that.

Other reason is that in Pakistan, things are not handled in appropriate manner. Vacancies are less, but job seekers are more than that. Opportunities are not enough, and system of reference is so much indulged in our society that if a company need some employees then workers of that company will provide some resume to them of their relatives and friends so in this way many people don't get the opportunity to apply for those jobs. I know system of reference is every where in the world, but not to that extend as in our society.
But as these days software companies are growing and some new companies are starting their business very rapidly so I hope ratio of unemployment will become low soon.
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Hello i wana say i am not satisfied with ur comments actualy u are talking about any of the new technology i mean to say that what ever a person will feel good for them they will do the same if they feel mba good for them they will do that and ur point that compitition will be tough than thats good we will learm more from our study
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mostly people don't know about education what can do due to not proper counseling
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Main problem of unemployment in Pakistan is use of latest machinery rather latest technology.
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The causes of unemployment in Pakistan are:

1 Lack of enough industries to employ ever increasing number of graduate in the country.

2 The government is not involving in capital expenditure which creates job.
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Unemployment is just because of the lack of education. People are not aware about the increasing fields...
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Hi I'm Matiullah  According to my observation, unemployment in pakistan is due to the lack of energy  like electricity, gas, patrol and cooltar.
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I am Sohail Rasheed, a student of mass communication. The main reason of unemployment in Pakistan is that there is no career counselling. Students prefer only that field which appeals their mind, the field which they think is the most glamours whether they are eligible for it or not and as a result, we see so many graduates wandering in the streets jobless.
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I think one important reason of unemployment is the increasing population day by day because Pakistan is a Islamic Country, so their is no concept of Family planing this is against the nature of God, peoples think like this
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Unemployment is one of the major problems of Pakistan. The level of unemployment is moving up. The socio economic system of the country and institutions has failed to provide employment to the increasing labour force. The rate of expansion in industrial sector is very slow. The increasing labour force has not been absorbed. Increasing output of general education institutions is the major cause of educated young men's unemployment. Technical, professional and vocational institutions are limited in number.

Nationalization of industrial units very badly affected the investment industrial sector. The private investor shifted their capital to other countries. Employment in the private sector absolutely stopped for many years. The higher growth rate of population is the major causes of unemployment. The population has exceeded the optimum level. The resources of the country are limited.

Employment cannot be provided to the increasing labour force.
The cottage industries in rural areas had been faded out by the machine made goods. The artisans have been rendered unemployed. Educated young men like white collar jobs. They do not like to perform manual labour. The higher age of retirement in government services has blocked the employment of educated young men. Reemployment of civil and military high ranking offices in government corporations and agencies deprives the qualified men from employment.
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Unemployment is one of the major problems of Pakistan. It is the root cause of several other problems and is a result of a number of problems. High unemployment results in wastage of resources and depression of income. And most certainly it also effects the social and emotional life of a person.

According to a survey, the rate of open unemployment is around 7.5 percent. And this rate is drastically increasing with the passage of time. The unemployment rate is drastically increasing in both rural and urban areas of Pakistan.  In urban areas it is less than in rural areas because there are more industries and more opportunities.
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There are lot of reasons of unemployment in Pakistan, but the most crucial is the minimum wage laws.Young people don,t want to do work on a very low they remain unemployed.

Poverty is another factor which adds to unemployment. Because unfortunately,corruption has always been at its peak in all big employer's system/institutions in Pakistan. Due to poverty many of our graduates are unable to give a heavy amount for being selected or having an entry into any system.
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It's all because of corrupted leaders, that's it. Otherwise Pakistan has many resources.
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Many issues have contributed towards unemployment in Pakistan. Firstly, the instability of the government and each government deploying it's own people in all major organizations. Bribery leaves little space for educated people with good degrees. Jobs are not offered on the basis of experience and qualification but rather to please higher officials by offering it to their relatives or to  the people they recommend. People with MBA degrees do not want to take just any meagre job, they wait and hope for a better one that suits their educational qualifications. This results in an increase in the unemployment rate.
  Pakistan has the lowest literacy rate in the world. There is a lack of adapting and adopting new technologies that would help companies to grow and newer ones to mushrooM thus creating vacancies.     
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The major causes of unemployment in Pakistan are as follows :

1) Limited resources which give rise to an increased competition.
2) A rigid class system and social communal divides which favor only a select few individuals over the others on the basis of pedigree and not on the basis of merit.
3) The two percent ruling elite favor the ones closes to them and hiring is decided on the basis of their links and political connection. Nepotism is a major problem in Pakistani job market.
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As per my information unemployement is not a curse but an issue that needs to b solved.main reasons of unemployment are lack of social skills ,illiteracy,nationalism,and lack of advance technologies n slow growth of industries.but above of all is poverty ,as we r backward economically, so our ability of production n investment is low n thats y there is no sufficient jobs.yasmeen from qta.
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I am Daniyal Ahmed khan and an O' Level student of hyderabad.
According to my prospective, the cheif reason for the unemployment is the growing population of Pakistan. Secondly, the use of modern machines in the agricultural sector like tractors, seeders, threshers e.t.c. Causes unemployment for the rural work force. Thirdly, lack of education and literacy is yet another reason for the unemployment as every one needs skilled labour.
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Well,its intersting topic about our social point of views, unmeployment is the basic and most important problem we are facing in our country. The basic thing which I find about unamployment is our system of education because our students are not getting practically work they are getting education that is theoretically but not practically. And when they come in world market they get fail. So first proper planning regarding our educational system should be adoptd then hope so we can reduce the rate of unemployment from pakistan.
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Unemployement is one of the major problems in Pakistan. The most crucial reasons of unemployement in Pakistan are Increasing rate of population growth, unliteracy, bribery in public sectors and governement policies for reduce inflation and treade deficit.
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It is policy of Pakistan government that is responsible for it the most as it likes to invest its all money and resources on military, wars and terrorism activities to satisfy the personal gains of some big and hard headed guys at top of the system. Corruption of moral values of the leaders of the country leads a country towards unemployment like situations.
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Unemplyment is the main problem is pakistan.unemployment leads to cuside  and peple and people thinking that cuside is best way.There are many causes of of the most reason education because there are many less people who educated if I compared with uneducated.educated people apply for the good jobe and he try best  but he not goy the jobe and in the last who leads the terrorism is the best way unemployment far in our life thank you
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Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan 

The leading problem which the world is facing today is
unemployment. The ratio of unemployment is rising speedily due to lack of
sources and when unemployment takes place so many crimes are automatically be
created. Pakistanis the Asian country has many of problems in these days and
unemployment is one of those. Unemployment is caused numerous problems for its
people. Pakistan has incalculable natural resources but problem is that
resources are being wasted since the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The
people of Pakistan are considered extremely brilliant and hardworking in the
world and there is no significance of talent in Pakistan therefore it is the
reason many of engineers, doctors, Scientifics, technicians and accountants
travel in foreign countries for earn their livelihood.. Due to unemployment the
living standard of Pakistanis is going down with the passage of time. People
are unable to fulfill their basic needs. There are plenty of causes behind
unemployment some of the major causes of unemployment are as fallowing

Lack of Nation
Employment Policy

There has been lack of national employment policy in
Pakistan .so no specific policy was lay dawn to remove unemployment. There have
been no serious efforts at man power paining .due to the lack of the policy the
unemployment problem has reached to its peak.

Slow Growth of
Pakistan Economy

The increase in employment opportunities is intimately  related to growth of economy. Despite that
more than decades of planning the Pakistan economy is going dawn or in law

Privatization of
Governmental Agencies

One of the major causes of unemployment is also the
privatization of governmental agencies. When the government agency become
private they mostly higher new employees and fire the current employees due to
that many people become unemployed.

Poor Education

The educational system of Pakistan is very poor since 1947.
Unfortunately any government since independence didn’t take remarkable steps to
make the education system good. Education system in Pakistan is uneven. It has
been seen even brilliant students left study due to wrong system. You can many
technical educational colleges and private technical institutions are being
found which are only selling degrees because technical education which is being
given in these institutions has no value, therefore people are wondering about
for jobs due to lack of experience and  skills.

Rapid Growth of

The rapid growth of population in Pakistan is one of the
most serious issues regarding unemployment. The population of Pakistan is
increasing at very high rate this time. According to the statistical the
population of Pakistan is increasing at the rate of 2.2%. There are many reasons
responsible for overpopulation such as early marriages, illiteracy, desires for
sons, lack of awareness, lack proper family paining etc. As we all know that
system of Pakistan
is very poor therefore increasing in
population means to bring more uneducated person into the field of labor.
Government or any other company cannot provide jobs or work places to this large
number of uneducated people at time.

Terror Activities:

One of other most serious cause of unemployment in Pakistan
is terrorism. Terrorist activities are on peak at this time in all-around of
Pakistan, therefore situation in Pakistan is really threatening and alarming
and due to this the nationals and as well as foreigners are frightened to
invest in Pakistan. So when investors will not invest so how can job or earning
opportunities are being created?

Arrival of Afghan

Arrival of afghan refugees to Pakistan is the further
problem of unemployment in Pakistan. These refuges are in Pakistan since 1979
after the attack of Russia due to this many of Afghans migrated to Pakistan for
making them save till the betterment situation of their country and the number
of these refuges increased after American army attacked on Afghanistan in 2001
about 13 years ago and the situation in Afghanistan is still critical. The
migrated people cause of unemployment in Pakistan.

Uncertainty and unrest in the country:

Insecurity and turbulence in
Pakistan and the worsening law and order situation has played a chief role in
transferring the business to other countries, noforeigninvestorsfeel safe and sound in investing in such a country in which their
businesses are not safe In Pakistan due to weak political system and unstable
governmental structure. None of foreign companies want to invest in unrest
environment which become the cause of unemployment in Pakistan

Energy Crisis

There are many sources of
producing of energy in Pakistan but due to lack of proper planning and efforts
Pakistan is having problem of energy crisis. The government of Pakistan is
unable to provide electricity to residential areas in Pakistan than how cansenergy or electricity can be provided to factories and industries.
Therefore factories and industries that are required energy are transferring
their business in other Asian countries like Bangladesh, India and as well as
Sri Lanka. As of this result a huge number of labors are becoming the victims
of unemployment.

Backward Agriculture

The biggest cause of unemployment in Pakistan is the
backwardness of agriculture sector.44% people get jobs from this sector  directly or indirectly unemployment and that
is the biggest sector of economy that contribute 20.9%GPD.there are two main
reason of agricultural backwardness

Adoption of Latest Machinery and capital intensive
technology the demand of labour has been decreased

There is less availability of fertilizers, pesticides,
quality seeds, absences of land reform lack of agriculture education

Absence of merit

In Pakistan There is the absence of merit system due
corruption in government and private agencies the people who are well qualified
and skillful remain unemployed.

Favoritism in
politics and lack of plan and management

Favoritism in politics and lack of plan and management has
also given birth to a confusing condition in this regard. The favoritism in
politics has created environment of self- aggrandizement so that everyone is
hit with his own interests to a great extent. Everybody chooses or supports and
seconds the party members of its own for certain posts. That is why a poor even
talented candidate faces joblessness. Moreover, lack of planned management for
the future has been paving the way for the economic scrambles in the country so
that the problem of employment is still unresolved satisfactorily industrialization
deprives the youths from employment

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The unemployement is due to high population in Pakistan. The second cause is that because of better machinaries the farmers are not choosing too much workers to work in the farms.

 Third reason - with great improvement in information technology extensive use of computers and fully automatic machines the demand for manual workers has gone down.

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with great improvement in information technology extensive use of computers and fully automatic machines the demand for manual workers has gone down. Regards frock designs

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