I Forgot My Irs Pin, Can You Help Me?


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To e-file your 2010 tax return or other electronic forms, you must verify your identity with your Self-Select PIN or Adjusted Gross Income from your 2009 tax return. If you don't have this information from your 2009 tax return, you can request an Electronic Filing PIN.

To do this you must first make sure you are eligible. To be eligible you must have filed a 2009 Form 1040, Form 1040-A, Form 1040-EZ or Form 1040-SS (PR); and your return was processed by December 11, 2010.  You will also need to gather the following information as proof. You will need to know your social security number or individual tax payer's number, your first and last name, date of birth, filing status and your complete mailing address as it appeared on your 2009 tax return. Then you can either visit or ring 1-866-704-7388 to receive your IRS pin.

After you get your Electronic Filing PIN, enter it in the "Electronic Filing PIN” field when filing your return.  The Electronic Filing PIN is a temporary PIN used by the IRS to verify your identity when you e-file. Keep a copy of your signed tax return for your records.
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If you go to this page on the IRS website, you can get a new PIN there. You need certain other information like your Tax ID number to do this. If you lose this page, just go to the IRS website and put 'forgot pin' in the top right search box, that's how I found it. If there are any problems you can contact someone via the site to ask for help.

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