What Are The Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy?


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A bureaucracy can be very controversial thus there are certainly a few disadvantages to this approach.

It is useful to first define exactly what a bureaucracy is. According to Wikipedia, the purpose of bureaucracy is "to successfully implement the actions of an organisation of any size, achieve its purpose and mission with the greatest possible efficiency and at the least cost of any resources."

Therefore the first real disadvantage is due to the fact they wish to push things through with great pace and with the smallest amount of expense. This effectively means that other voices who may have great knowledge on the subject, or who could valuably contribute to discussions, are frozen out due to these restraints. This can obviously have a negative effect as whilst the decision made could have been quick and inexpensive, if it was not the correct plan of action it will end up causing the organisation a lot more expense in rectifying the situation in future.

Another disadvantage is that a unit within a bureaucracy can be seen as rather rigid and therefore very hard for outsiders to have any form of influence or voice. It can be argued that this harks back to the dictatorship type regimes from the past. Although the system may work, without third-party input it will never have the true freedom of a democracy.
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Bureaucracy denies the people in the lower levels of hierarchy the opportunity to develop themselves in terms of decision making. It also creates a poor interpersonal relationships in the organization due to the dictatorship kind of leadership. It also leads to over dependency of one or a few individuals in the organizations who are known to pull the strings and without whom, work will be affected.
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What are the shortcomings of bureaucracy
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Loss of initiative slow decision making poor documentation

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