What Are The Disadvantages Of Team Meetings?


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In general, team meetings are seen to be advantageous rather than disadvantageous because they give a group an opportunity to refocus on their common goals. However, any benefits from having team meetings can soon be lost if there isn’t structure and cohesion within the group.

For team meetings to be successful they need to have someone who is prepared to chair the meetings, even if this is done in an informal way. If this does not happen, it is very easy for a meeting to fall apart when people tend to go off the subject and use the time to catch up with each other’s personal lives rather than concentrate on the task at hand. If that happens the whole meeting is a complete and utter waste of everybody’s time, and, quite conceivably, will also have cost the team in productivity, and, therefore, financially.

Before a team meeting can be considered to be productive and, therefore, advantageous, there should be an itinerary (again, this does not have to be a formal issue) so that each team member is aware of what is going to be discussed. If this can be given in advance, so much the better because then team members will be better prepared.

A disadvantage of having team meetings, which reinforces the points that have already been made, is that people may just see the time given to the meeting as a chance to gripe and moan about things rather than coming up with constructive ways for improvement. There is also a chance, when things deteriorate to moaning, that things start to become personal with some members blaming others for the things they do not like. All this does is generate hostility and is a definite disadvantage of having a team meeting.
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Team meetings might result in conflicts because of diversity of opinions. When the group members meet to serve any cause, they might digress from the real issue because of interpersonal differences or because of different opinions. Team meetings cause wastage of time when the agenda of meeting is not presented clearly. The confusions in the minds of team members regarding the purpose of meeting can result in wastage of time , resources and cognitive efforts. If the team members are similar to each other, they might suffer from group thinking ( a process in which new ideas are not entertained, only the ideas that confirm to the group are supported).
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