What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy?


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Some advantage of bureaucracy:
  -Clear division of work with boundaries to responsibilities.   
  -Formal (written) rules and procedures resulting in predictability and reutilization.
  -A well-defined hierarchy of authority.
-Appointments to posts based on technical competence.
-Formal (written) documentation of actions and decisions.
-Bureaucratic control’ system is a strategic was based around internal labor market and the winning of employee commitment through the prospect of long  term career advancement  includes job security, pension packages and Training & development.
  - Bureaucracies helped HRM in recruitment, performance appraisal, and other systems.
-A bureaucratic system brings to the overall running and efficiency of a business and its employees. In a bureaucracy each employee of the organization knows precisely what their duties are within the organization, and therefore many tasks will be performed a lot quicker and more efficiently. The clear-cut rules set by bureaucratic systems also enable the organization...
The disadvantage of bureaucracy:
-emphasis on control can prompt rigidity of behavior and defensive routines .   -division of task and responsibility can elevate departmental goals above whole system , resulting in sub-optimizing behavior.   -minimal acceptable standards can become transformed into targets and behavioral norms . Rules and procedures can become ends in themselves .   - A bureaucracy was used to command and control.   - One important strand in the driver against bureaucracy has been the ideological shift which urged the primacy of the market.   -There is a shift from internal labor market techniques to external methods.   - Throughout the world, many large companies are still bureaucracies.  The primacies of the market along with de-regulations have put pressure on large companies
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Everything has positive as well as negative aspects. So nothing is perfect in this world. Similarly Bureaucracy also has its dark side. Let us first explore few of its positive points:

It has a very well defined division of labor from administrative point of view.
Hierarchy is a major element that put forth authorities and duties among all the officials, exhibiting network of check and balance.

When we look at its negative points we find that there is lots of red tapism that is getting out of control.
They are found to be supernatural human being one way or the other due to lack of interference of general public.

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Disadvantages of bureaucracy

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