What Are The Disadvantages Of Internet Banking?


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The system of internet banking was introduced for the convenience of customers, but the recent increase in a number of cases of forgery one can certainly say that this system is harming people rather than giving benefits.
There are a number of proxy websites available on the web and sometimes they can copy the data given by you for your own transaction, and you will come to know about the theft only when you received your statement of the card, which usually comes after a month or even later.

So, while accessing your bank account on internet, you must make sure that you are accessing it from a secure place and make regular inquiry about the transaction. And you must not give your credit card number to anybody who is not known to you.
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This should be a great challenge to our government and the security agency by providing a technologically secure environment for bankers and other individuals to operate. The security agency can have a monitoring device to checkmate the activities of fraudsters.
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As said by vicky there is quite a few fake sites out there that may send you an email saying things like 'the system crashed and we need your account details to repair the connection to your account'  don't trust email like these because the bank will never contact you this way
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E Banking is a system whereby transactions are handled electronically
However, E banking has made easy the day to day transactions in banks in recent times but not without its adverse effects.
The disadvantages of E banking are as follows:
A. E banking can be very frustrating when there is power failure and system collapse.
B. E banking has created room for hackers to hack into the banking system and caused series of fraud to take place.
C. E banking has expose individual to unusual spending due to round the clock access to banking transactions via ATM machines.
E,. The failure of a staff to understand the system of transaction will further frustrate customers
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The this advantages are that people are now wasting a lot of energy though they are getting all the benefits but wont be able to giv this to their further generations

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