What Are The Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy By Max Weber?


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Max Weber is well known for his studies in bureaucracy. Even today many of the aspects involved with public administration traces back to his studies. A very popular civil service that is organized hierarchically is named the "Weberian civil service", after max Weber.

Max Weber describes certain types of bureaucracy in a positive manner, describing it as an efficient form of organization than many other ways of performing such organizational tasks. The research he carried out was mainly concerned with the historical and administrative reasons for using bureaucratization, how the law affects bureaucratic organizations, the orientation and occupation of bureaucratic officials and the attributes and consequences it may have on the modern times.

Max Weber himself also stated that the official use of bureaucracy would be less effective than his own idea on a model.
-Sometimes, competences may be unclear and may be used in a way that is against the law.
-It may become apparent that the main focus is being put upon a decision itself rather than the decisions outcome.
-Such degenerations as nepotism, corruption and political infighting etc would counteract the implementation of impersonality, which may cause the creation of a recruitment and promotion system. This would mean its based on oligarchy rather than meritocracy.

Other disadvantages include the following:
-Officials not being made aware of the larger consequences of their actions.
-Rigidity in procedure would make decision making slower or even impossible if the task is unusual.
-Change, evolution and adaption of old procedures may be slow when using them with new circumstances.
-Some opinions may be disregarded, even when the opinions are better suited to the given situation compared with the opinion of the majority.
-As bureaucracy creates more rules, the complexity increases which, in turn, diminishes the coordination of the organization.
-People don't use common sense, as all tasks need to be performed with correspondence to the law.

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