What Is Export Marketing Plan?why It Is Necessary For Success In Export Business


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Any business needs to be well thought out and planned otherwise it will not succeed, and this includes the marketing side of things. This means that if you are thinking about running an export business, you will need to have an export marketing plan.

For an export business it is even more crucial to have a marketing plan in place because the people that you are dealing with will have different cultural backgrounds and so it is not safe to assume that what will sell at home will sell abroad.

• Differences in foreign markets
There are many things that can affect a particular market and make it different from the ones that we are used to. These include environmental factors such as climate; the availability of alternatives to what you are offering; wage levels and purchasing power; social and cultural factors; government import controls, and what the foreign exchange is.

• Benefits of a marketing plan
A written plan will immediately flag up the strengths and weaknesses that are in it far more readily than just having ideas in your head, so this is a crucial first step. They are also more likely to be taken seriously by the person who is responsible for making sure that your strategy takes place. If there is any deviation from it, it will not be accidental.

Your written marketing plan will also be much easier to communicate to other people, and you will be able to allocate roles to various members of the team. Evaluations can also be made at any time because you will have a real point of reference.

If you have a clear marketing plan, you will find it much easier to get financial help should you need it because it gives a clear indication of how serious you are.

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