What Is The Address To The IRS Where I Send My Tax Return?


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There are numerous addresses for a tax return to be sent to and these are dependent on where you live and what type of tax return you are sending.

The simplest way of finding out the correct address for your tax return is to head to The Internal Revenue Service’s website. If you wish to find out the address to send your 1040 and related tax forms head to,,id=105061,00.html. You will see all US states have been categorised and divided into two sections; whether you are or are not sending payments with your tax return.

If you need to send extension forms with your tax return head to,,id=105060,00.html where again you will find all US states divided into sections so you can find the correct address associated with your state.

If you wish to send estimated tax payments then you will need to head to,,id=105060,00.html and as mention before all states are divided so you will find the appropriate address for your state.

It is highly advisable to send any tax-related documents using certified mail with return receipt requested. This will enable you to receive confirmation that the IRS have successfully received your documents and / or payment. This will also cover you in case your form gets lost in the post and therefore you may be fined due to the tax office not receiving your form if you were unable to prove you had indeed sent it out on time.

You will find other tips that will help make sure your tax returns are correctly posted on The United States Postal Service website at
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There are several addresses to mail your taxes. It depends where you live.

You can find the answer by checking out the website of the IRS.

Use Google; Where to mail taxes? For the location.  Good luck!
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What is the address to the IRS where I send my tax return?
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Suggest you click the link and select which state you live in-   the addresses shall show after making a selection.  Good luck-,,id=105693,00.html

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