Is There Anyone Legitimate & Reputable Who Can Help Me Obtain A Personal Loan?


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shawn n/a answered
I would suggest you use a local bank or credit union. If that is not an option for whatever reason, there are some reputable companies that offer personal loans with a slightly higher interest rate. Examples are General finance and American finance. Both companies have been around for many years and are fairly responsible lenders.
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A reputable mortgage professional will always show you all the numbers associated with the proposed loan and provide concrete information that helps you to take a decision. Don't listen to the scams, just believe in what you see. You better get some help from the people you know who have taken such loans before.
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R Maye answered
Some banks and loan companies will give a second chance to rebuild your credit. You have to go into their office and discuss your situation with them to get a clearer answer as all of them have different rules. Maybe you could let you auto or something else stand good for the loan or offer it as part of the package that you have to show them when you apply.
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Personal loans can be acquired in a person or loan companies. All you have to do is to sign up and fulfill the requirements and they will set up a date for you to get your loan. ^^

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