Explain Why The Internal And External Auditors Review Of Internal Control Procedures Differ In Purpose, Can You Help?


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Internal and external auditors are two different types of auditors. They have different purpose in looking over the internal control procedures because they have different duties. Internal auditors are the auditors of the company which are hired to evaluate the internal control of the company. They evaluate the financial operations of the company. These auditors are the employees of the company and they are responsible to check the system of internal control to avoid and fraud and misshappening in the company.

On the other hand, the external auditors of the company are not the employees of the company and they are just hired to evaluate the financial statements of the company to check the true and fair picture of them. Now, the difference between the two is evident because internal auditors have to evaluate the internal operations of the company and prepare financial reports, while the external auditors give their opinion about the transparency and validity of the information. In this way their different purpose make their review procedure different.  

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Internal and external auditors both report to the management of the company however the external auditors responsibility is to the public in general as they issue a public reported with the audited financial statements expressing an opinion on the effectiveness and stability of the internal controls of the company. The internal auditors reports are for management only and while reviewed by the external auditors this information is not generally not publicly disclosed and is used for the internal management and operation of the company.
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