I Have A Zero Balance On My Claim Yet They Are Still Asking Me To Claim My Weeks And Put In My Job Search Should I File A New Claim Or Call It Is So Hard To Get Threw When I Call Please Help?


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Fill out the form accordingly DO NOT EVER not submit anything the Unemployment Office sends you. You will get caught up in red tape forever. How long has your Balance been 0? If you have sent in a claim form more than twice with no check received with it, file a new claim and still call. There are currently 3 unemployment extensions available. To make sure you receive them---I did the following-----I did not rely on the unemployment office to automatically give me the extension, I also refiled online to cover my bases. This might not be the answer for all, but I am now waiting for the 4th extension to be passed by Congress after Labor Day, and have been doing the same process for all extensions. Calling-----how much do you like watching grass grow? Lol A trick that worked for me was listening to the automated recording---two women possibilities---the lower toned voice is the one that you want --- push in the appropriate number when the recording asks you "If you have had a phone interview and have not heard back from the unemployment office push (I think it is 0) push the appropriate number. Within 15 minutes I had my file resolved. By the way, I had not had an interview, and had accidently pushed the wrong number. It was almost as if God himself had directed my fingers and gotten me through by pushing the wrong number. Good Luck!!

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