After 26 weeks of unemployment benefits they had me file a new claim its been 2 weeks and im still not being paid is this normal?


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In the UK the benefits system has significantly tightened up. You can get good advice from a Citizen's Advice Bureau on benefits in general. These days, even a young women a few months pregnant, does not get compensation, without turning up at the job centre. That includes going through an appeal system and I just advocated for someone in this position today. Call into your local job  centre and ;pick up some advice. Benefits are not paid out as easily as they used to be. That/'s Govetrnment projected new policy.
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Mcdonalds and ALL fast food places are hiring. Stop sucking the sytem dry waiting for a job you're not going to get. Nothing degrading about an honest days pays the bills.if you let yourself get use to a lifestyle thinking your old job was secure then get two jobs and learn the difference between your wants and needs.
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Amie Hamilton-Webb
Welll I do appreciate your advice, my mother always told me not to listen to ignorant people and seeing that you know nothing about me (nothing at all ) I find you quite ignorant for responding like that. See if you were intelligent at all you would have found a little more information about me like the fact that I have been off work so long due to a severe injury, how that little bit of information changes everything. So in the future if you would like to sound INTELLIGENT ask first. Thanks
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So lets get all the info on you. Injured at work?unlikely cause you couldn't collect unemployment for that as it would be under workmans comp. Hurt yourself and saw this as a way to get fired (cause you couldn't perform your duties) so you could milk the system? More tell us why you can't work and how it was you collected unemployment for it. I'd really like to make an educated statement in the future.
Amie Hamilton-Webb
Yes, you must be absolutely right, cause I love milking the system for a mere 390.00 a week when im used to bringing home more than double that, yes that must be the logical thing to do. I mean does that seriously sound logical to you, well maybe it does I dont know you so unlike you I will not judge you, but maybe you should try meds for all that anger you have......just a suggestion.
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Its a lot more normal, to get a job. If you have been out of work for 26 weeks, you can't have been looking that hard.You will get a lot more money if you work :))
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Dounds about right primarily due to the huge baclog and many states now have new rules and many are failing to qualify now

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