What is commercial marketing?


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The term commercial marketing can actually mean a couple of different things. Traditionally, commercial marketing means marketing activities that are geared toward a commercial audience or general audience. In other words, it is targeting the general public with marketing campaigns. Contemporary commercial marketing can also mean a couple of different things:

  • Marketing through the use of television or radio commercial spots.
  • Internet marketing that uses commercials which are similar in nature to those that appear on television.

More than likely, since you're asking about commercial marketing, you're really interested in understanding the latest information about internet marketing campaigns. More and more often, internet marketing involves digital video rather than just print ads or other marketing materials.

Digital video can take on several forms. Each of these forms has its practical uses and a strong internet marketing campaign may combine all of these tactics in order to establish a strong brand image on the internet. Targeting the right kind of digital video for meeting marketing goals is an important part of effective commercial marketing.

  • There are those sites which use videos that automatically begin playing upon a visitor's arrival - that is, as long as the visitor's computer has a flash player or other supporting software installed.

  • There are also sites that have commercials that individuals can click on in order to learn more about different products or services. These are sort of like infomercials, as they are usually a little longer of videos and not the standard 15, 30 or 60 second commercials that most people are accustomed to.

  • Additionally, internet marketing professionals have begun using commercial marketing tactics with clickable ads on different social media and other websites. These clickable ads take the place of standard text ads and will take the person who clicks on them to a commercial that promotes the products, services or information of a company.

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