What Is The Importance Of Commercial Correspondence?


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No one can deny the importance of business letters in the world of commerce. The success of any modern business depends on the use of business letters. Good letters are little ambassadors that traverse every corner of the present day commercial world. They constitute the biggest source of active liaison that is necessary concomitant for producing business.
Correspondence is the first step in breaking the ice between business houses or the customer and the business house to achieve the desired goal. In present days, commerce and trade have extended to such a great space, as it has become impossible for a businessman to have direct conversation with his customers and suppliers. Contact can be made between the manufacturer and the trade without any personal meeting through correspondence. Personal contacts involve money, time and energy the precious properties of business house, which could be easily saved by resorting to correspondence.

It is said that correspondence keeps the relations alive. Even if persons do not meet each other they can feel the presence through correspondence. In case of a business, the relationship can be strengthened by frequent correspondence. Suppose a trader is to pay to the supplier on a particular date. If he fails, the supplier may be worried and lose confidence in him. But the trader writes in advance expressing his inability to meet the obligation on the specified date. It will create confidence in the mind of the supplier and future credit will not be a problem.

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A business letter concludes a transaction, its helps in buying and selling and it will gain credits. It will create helpfulness among the customers; it will clear confusion, if any between the buyers and sellers. It will adjust complaints. It helps to support business. Incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters serve as a suggestion in the day to day business; Copies of letters are good as documentary evidence in case of disputes between parties. A good sales letter will create salesmanship. The reputation of a firm, to a sure amount, depends upon the quality of the outgoing correspondence.

Trade and business are very complicated affairs nowadays, not limited to a slight area, but spreading to national and international levels. This fast development of trade owes to a great extent the speed of transport and communication. It will not be a hyperbole to say that the world's trade is now carried on chiefly by means of letters which serve as the medium for all business transactions. A letter serves as the medium for buying goods, selling goods, collecting debts and earning the goodwill of the customers and also trashing out all other important problems concerning business. Hence letter writing is of vital importance in business.
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Commercial correspondence is the correspondence you share with another party during the course of or in continuation of a business transaction. It is a very important part of business, primarily because it is a form of written documentation of the client's requirements, your statement of intent and ability, and all the other things, good and bad, associated with a business transaction.

Commercial correspondence can address different issues or modules of a business cycle. It could be a letter from the client stating what they need, or a letter from you to the client stating any specific items you wanted discussed in a meeting, for instance.

Commercial correspondence is not only important to business, it is a critical aspect of business. Commercial correspondence acts as a reference point for any queries regarding a project completed in the past. There can be different kinds of commercial correspondence - a requirement document, a courtesy letter, a complaint letter, etc.

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