When will i recieve my wisconsin homestead tax refund?


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There is no definite date for payment of Wisconsin tax refunds; any monies will be paid back once you have completed your homestead credit claim.

Clearly the earlier that you complete your claim the quicker you will receive any refund; the deadline for applications is usually very generous, allowing you to claim for a refund in any particular year up to five years later. Your claim can either be made on paper or online.

    With these claims it is best to read the instructions closely before completing your application. Take note of the guidelines, especially the dates required, and make sure that you have all of the documentation to hand. Don't rely on your memory when competing these sort of applications. Your application must include a copy of your rent certificate or property tax bill.

    If you have any concerns or questions about your application, you can find out more either or online or by telephoning the office. The application is fairly straightforward and easy to follow, but it is best to get the form completed properly by setting aside some time to complete it thoroughly.

    All types of income, including pensions, have to be included in your application otherwise you could be subjected to penalties. A claim for a tax refund is an important document, legally binding, and must be completed as accurately as possible. Once you have completed your application it will be examined and calculated.

    Your documentation will be checked and once the calculations have been completed, you will be informed of the assessment and also the date of any potential repayment. In most cases a direct payment will be made into your bank account but a check can be issued on request.

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