If my tax refund will be intercepted for an SSI/SSDI overpayment will I be able to tell by calling the IRS offset hotline?


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You may be able to call them for some information, however if a tax refund is going to be intercepted for an Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) overpayment, the Social Security Administration (SSA)must give the individual a 60 day advance notice.

This notice will give the individual information including the amount they have been overpaid and a statement schedule outlining that the Tax Refund Offset (TRO) will commence within 60 days if the individual does not take action now before the specified period is up. This notice may also be known as a TRO notice.

TRO is a process in which the Social SSA can recover overpayments in SSDI and SSI by intercepting payments from an individual’s federal income tax fund.

The individual must be given a chance to repay this money however and is given a period of 60 days to make this contribution before the payments are intercepted from their own federal income tax fund. Within this time, they could look into making an appeal to the decision or make any queries before the money is intercepted from them. 

If the individual does not understand the TRO notice, they can also get in touch with the SSA for some additional assistance or explanation. If they fail to act within the set time, the payments will start coming out of their federal income tax fund without any notice.

There are some circumstances in which the above processes of collecting an overpayment would not be carried out. When there are appeals pending or any waivers on the overpayment, a TRO notice cannot be sent out. In addition, if the affected individual has already started to make the repayments or they are currently receiving overpayments, this method cannot be used either to collect the overpayments.

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